Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. I am constantly amazed at what people think of as “healthy”, when it comes to breakfast. So many people think of wheatbix as a healthy option. I try not to growl when I hear this. What do most people start the day with: coffee and toast. Seriously, by breakfast time most people have not eaten for at least 8 hours and they wonder why they are starving again by 10 am or feeling faint, light headed having trouble concentrating.

Your body needs real food, use the right fuel and your body will run happily and efficiently till well into the afternoon.

So what makes a great breakfast: my rule of thumb is a protein some healthy fats and some kind of vegetable preferably including some greens. This gives your body all the nutrients it needs and has provided plenty of energy and with the right choices balanced blood sugars.

Quick Breakfast Options for Busy People include:

  1. green smoothies on a base of  water with a handful of almonds, 1 tablespoon of coconut cream, a handful of berries, 1 teaspoon of your favourite green vegetable powder.
  2. chia pudding in a jar, the great thing about these is you can make up a several at the beginning of the week and keep in the fridge to grab and run. Use either almond milk or coconut milk as your base, I blitz this in the blender with a handful of berries, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, and a couple of dates ( take out the pips first, blenders dont deal well with the pips), then pour into jars, stir in a tablspeoon of chia seeds per jar/serve then top with flaked chopped fruit ( a summer favorite is mango) cocnut flakesa nd as prinkle of cacao nibs
  3. Egg and bacon muffins ( another great made ahead in a batch option), made with eggs grated zuccini,, chopped bacon, you can add a little almond meal or coconut flour but really is optional, sweeet potato is a great optional addition too.

Have I got you feeling hungry ?

Plan ahead and have a great day!

For more information on how to fuel your body better for great energy all day book in to see Deb Nye-Chart at Healing Naturally WA