Deb Nye-Chart



Remedial Massage Therapist

Bowen Therapist

Tea Connoisseur & Product Developer

Absolutely passionate about achieving optimal health for myself, my family and the wider community. Keeping well and keeping active allows you to live the life you love and ensures you have the vitality and drive to get out there and fulfil your dreams. I believe what you eat, how much you move and your attitude creates the person you are. Finding laughter and love, time for relaxation and reflection are also so very valuable in creating a positive vibrant life. I use the skills I have gathered over a lifetime to teach you how to overcome your health issues to live an abundant & vibrant life. I focus on real food and provide you with eating guidelines for you, and give you ideas on how to implement the gradual changes into a busy schedule as week gradually move your diet towards real wholesome, nuturing food.